After almost 15 years of wedding and event videography, Robbie Braciszewski has decided to completely revolutionize the South Carolina wedding video business.  After seeing soaring prices continually rise every year, he knew there had to be a better solution for brides who were not looking to spend $5,000.00 for a wedding video.  There are also brides that are looking to spend less than $1,000.00 for a QUALITY wedding video.  This is where we come in...  Most production companies will cut corners with quality to offer a "discounted" package.  These companies are trying to book EVERY bride they can to maximize profits to cover their overhead expenses.  In this situation, you might be getting a "$5,000.00 Videographer" for $1,200.00, but we can assure you that the lack of effort and quality will certainly show.

WHAT WE ARE OFFERING........ is a FULLY EDITED DVD of your entire wedding ceremony.  We could write pages trying to describe the incredible clarity and quality of our videos, but we think it is easier to just show you.  Please click on our "Samples" page to see exactly what we mean.

Remember that many of these "high-priced" videographers do exceptional work.  There are several companies that are certainly worth every dollar spent.  We have actually listed several of the most professional and talented videographers in the area.  Again, we are just providing a great service to brides who might be on a tighter budget.....without sacrificing quality.